Kids tips

Sunday - April 22nd , 2018

Sort Through Toys.

Toys often take up the most space in a child’s closet and can be the most difficult items to sort and store. The following guide can help make sense of the clutter:

Invest in a variety of plastic containers and bins. It is best to use clear containers with lids that can be easily removed. You should make sure you have containers in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the various types of toys.

Sort the toys according to size and type, and match them with the appropriately sized container. For example, balls or large stuffed animals go in a large container and art supplies in a smaller container.

Make sure each bin is clearly marked with the contents. Pictures on the outside of the bin will make it easier to identify what is inside and ensure that the items are put back in the correct place.

Place the bins back into the closet strategically. You should avoid stacking bins. Your child will inevitably want something in the bottom bin. It is best to store the bins horizontally, so you can pull out what you need easily.