Kids tips

Saturday - February 24th , 2018

Maintain Closet Order.

A few final touches can help you maintain the organization that you just achieved.

Make sure your child has a hamper or laundry basket nearby for dirty clothes. The clothes are less likely to end up on the floor if the hamper is within easy reach.

Keep a spare bin marked “too small” for items that your child outgrows. Once you determine that your child has outgrown an item, immediately put it in the bin. You can then sort through the bin every three to four months to determine what can be donated or given to friends and family.

Check the contents of the “too big” bin every couple of months. There may be items that your child has grown into that can be added to the clothing rotation.

Take a few minutes each day to straighten up, and make sure everything is back in the appropriate place.

Organizing your child’s room doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. The key is to edit the belongings and make sure you create a place for everything. You can actually make it a fun project for you and your child to work on together. They can pick out bins, baskets, and other organizers, in order to give their room a more personal touch. You can even engage your child’s creative side by letting them decorate the different containers with their own labels and pictures.