Kids tips

Sunday - January 21st , 2018

Divide the Items into Categories.

It is now time to divide the items you removed from the closet into separate piles. The easiest way is to start with at least five large buckets, bins, or even extra-large trash bags. You should label the bins with the following categories:

Wear Now: These items should be seasonably appropriate items in your child’s current size.

Too Big: These are items that you may have purchased or had given to you that are one to two sizes too big for your child at this time. Store these clothes in labeled bins according to size so you can get to them when your child is big enough.

For Storage: You will use this category if you have younger children in the house that will use the items later. This bin is for clothes or toys that your child has outgrown. Make sure all items are still in good condition. You can organize things further by dividing them according to age, sex, and size.

Give Away: This bin is for the items that your child no longer uses or has outgrown but are still in good condition. You can give the items to a friend or family member, donate to a charity, or even turn them into cash at a garage sale.

Trash: This stack is for no longer used items that are broken or too worn to be donated, given away, or stored for your younger children.

Remember, you have to be somewhat ruthless when it comes to the “give away” and “trash” bins. Your child may tell you that a particular shirt or toy is their absolute favorite; however, if they haven’t worn or played with the item in months it is probably time to let it go.