Healthy food

Sunday - January 21st , 2018

Offer New Vegetables With Familiar Food.

Stick with offering only one new food per day. Young children may feel overwhelmed if they get an entire plate filled with foods that they do not like or don't even recognize. Serve the new vegetable along with other foods that are familiar, including one other vegetable that they already know and like. For example, you could serve orange bell peppers as a topping on pizza.

Some kids don't like the idea of mixing foods or having foods touch each other, but your child may be willing to experiment with a new flavor. You could also set up a variety of bowls and let kids do their own toppings on an individual sized pizza, taco or salad. Let them use the tongs or spoons to scoop up a portion and try it out. They may be more willing to try a new food when they get to pick it and put it on their own plates.