Healthy food

Saturday - February 24th , 2018

Get the Kids Involved

Kids often have food issues because it is one of few things in their lives that they can control. Get your kids involved by taking them to a farmer's market or a pick-your-own farm and let them choose a vegetable. You can also bring them along to the grocery store and have them pick a new veggie.

Let the kids wash and peel veggies with your supervision or help. Show them how to slice, cook and flavor them. The kids can even help to whip up a dressing or dip for the vegetable and to set the table for the meal.

These activities give your kids a sense of pride and feeling of accomplishment. It also invests them in the meal and makes them more likely to try the food. Knowing that they helped choose it, prepare it and serve it makes them more excited about eating it. For an even bigger impact, consider starting a small vegetable garden or growing a pot of, for example, tomatoes or onions. Show them how to plant, care for and harvest their own veggies.