Healthy food

Sunday - March 18th , 2018

Don't Force Children to Eat Veggies.

Forcing your children to eat vegetables now may cause them to avoid eating it when they are adults. It also won't get kids to change their behavior. Avoid making your kids clean their plates or eat a large serving of a new food. Start with a taste, even just one bite. Ask your child to try just one mouthful of the food each time you serve it with a meal. Children may need to be exposed to a new food for at least 8 to 10 separate tries before they get used to it and its taste and will eat it willingly.

Relate the new food to other first-time experiences that your child has had, such as their first time riding a bike or the first day of school. With each time you serve the vegetable, it gets more familiar to your child and they will be more likely to accept it as a part of their meal and eat it.